A Celebration with Friends and Family

From birthday parties to baptisms, from golden wedding anniversaries to a simple get-together with friends and family – the Autohalle offers the right atmosphere and entertainment.

Perfect for Every Kind of Event   

Are you looking to spend an unforgettable time with your peers and take a deep dive into the fascinating world of classic cars? Then the Autohalle is the perfect event location for you. We can organize unique group events that you and your friends are sure to remember for years to come.   


    Our Offers for the Perfect Event


    We offer a variety of supporting program activities to enrich your event. From experiences behind the wheel of our classic cars to hands-on mechanical training all the way to classic-car team games – the Autohalle is anything but boring!

    Food and Beverages

    The Autohalle restaurant team is happy to create an individual catering offer for your event that is sure to delight your guests. You can enjoy a private meal in the event hall or join our other guests in the restaurant.

    The Hotel

    The Autohalle offers 20 modern, cozy hotel rooms so you and your guests can focus on enjoying your celebration with no worries before getting some well-earned rest and relaxation.