The Hosts of the Autohalle

We are a strong team and approach people and their unique personalities with interest, curiosity, and a friendly sense of humor. We share our guests’ passion for classic cars and modern classics of all kinds.

Thomas Meister
Founder and Investor

I like people with character and opinions. People who have a story to tell. It is exactly the same with vintage cars. They also tell stories. You must endeavor to experience it. This endeavor is a passion that connects me with people who share this enthusiasm and are part of the story themselves.

Marie-Josée Meister
Catering Concept Development

When driving in a vintage car, I would like to capture everything beautiful and carry it into Autohalle: the scents of fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers, as well as the variety of colors and sounds. My wish is to transfer the beauty from the region Zürich Weinland into a cozy atmosphere and creative dishes.

Simon Schmid

I find classic cars, and modern classics in particular, to be extremely relaxing. The streamlined design, the lack of features, and the pure sensation of driving catapult me back to my childhood. What a wonderful feeling!

Ivana Juric
Leiterin Kommunikation und Events

What I find fascinating about classic cars is their timeless design and uniqueness. For me, a classic car is a part of our cultural heritage and even a mobile work of art. At the Autohalle, I look forward to offering guests an experience that they will remember fondly for a long time.